Photograph by Peter Beste

Oslo’s infamous Elm Street Pub, the world’s most evil watering hole.

If ever there was an establishment to warm the collective icy heart of Oslo’s infamous black-metal community, the Elm Street Pub is it. Located close to decidedly un-evil shopping street Karl Johans Gate, the Elm Street serves as the de facto watering hole and performance venue for fans of the North’s most extreme music genre.

Defined as an intensely brutal offspring of heavy metal, the black-metal sound consists of relentless distorted guitars accompanied by high-pitched shrieking vocals and exceedingly fast bass drums. It is generally Satanic or anti-Christian in its outlook (occurrences of church-burning haven’t gone unnoticed by the Norwegian media), and connections to the murky world of Nordic nationalism are common. Though this might not float your boat, those looking to rock themselves to oblivion would be hard pressed to find a darker bar in this or, for that matter, any other city.