While the common stereotype of the Swede as sexual libertine is somewhat misplaced, say the word Fäbodjäntan to anyone over 30 (waiting a second or two for them to clock your poor pronunciation) and you’re sure to get a wry response. “That film?! How on earth do you know about that?!”

“That” film is a Swedish porn flick from the ’70s with a “plot” involving a group of youths who, while summering in the countryside, discover a magical Viking horn.  When sounded, the musical phallus acts as a libidinous call to action involving anyone within earshot. While this might sound rather silly for something that’s more-or-less a blip on the proud nation’s pop cultural radar, this film indeed has one rather BIG difference—a supporting role from an especially large sausage.

Few have actually seen the film, though almost every Swede of an age knows about it and can, if pressed, describe with relished detail, the infamous scene involving a ravenous co-ed satisfying herself with a frightening falukorv. A falukorv is a whopping smoked sausage from the ancient mining town of Falun in Dalarna province. Filled with a forcemeat comprised of pork and veal, it is found in supermarkets throughout the country, and was recently awarded TSG (Traditional Specialty Guaranteed) status by the European Commission for agriculture and food. Served sliced and fried and usually with such exotic side dishes as elbow macaroni and brown beans with bacon, it can also be used as a beef substitute in the thoroughly un-Swedish beef Stroganoff—perhaps adding further to the misplaced stereotype, that is, someone Swedish, sneakily slipping in the sausage when no one’s looking.